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Reminder for Authorized Workshops and Law Firms

GIARMC will be implementing a NRIC authentication feature on 9 Jan 2018.

Users will be required to enter the NRIC/Identification during the login process, and will be able to proceed as normal to the GIARMC system if the NRIC/Identification matches with GIARMC records. Please contact sg-support@merimen.com to submit the required documents else all user ids without NRIC/Identification in system will not be allowed to access GIARMC modules.
Reminder for ARC and/or Authorized Workshop

Authorized Workshops and/or Approved Reporting Centres of GIA members are reminded to pursue Third Party claims directly with the Third Party Insurer.

If you are unable to resolve disputes on liability with the Third Party Insurers, please submit the case for adjudication under GIA’s Dispute Resolution Mechanism.
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL GIARMC Motor Accident Report Purchase Customers
We apologise that the counter service to purchase motor accident reports will not be available between 7 April to 6 Jul 2020
You are still able to purchase the reports, by following the below steps:
  1. Send in a scanned copy of your completed application form to this email address “sg-support@merimen.com”
  1. We will respond within one working day to process your request and to inform you of the amount to be paid.
  1. Make payment for the required fees via
  1. Internet banking transfer to the below account:
Bank: DBS Bank
Account No.: 001-903972-0 (SGD)
Account Name: GIA Records Management Centre. OR
  1. PayNow - UEN No.: S66SS0020GRM1
Please indicate your company/applicant name as the reference
  1. We will send you the requested report within one working day from receiving the payment.
If you require more information, please call 6224 0010

To ALL users of GIARMC and Merimen eClaims,
Kindly be informed that we will only be allowing access from TLS 1.2 supported OS and Web browsers from 26th March 2020 (Thursday) onwards. You may do a quick check via this site - https://clienttest.ssllabs.com:8443/ssltest/viewMyClient.html, and if you see 'Your agent has good protocol support' under the 'Protocol support' section then no further action is required. Else, please check with your internal IT for advise. 
Thank You

GIARMC ANNOUNCEMENT - Managing Personal Documents
As part of the PDPA requirements, all GIARMC users are reminded to destroy copies of all personal documents (both hardcopy and softcopy) upon the completion of the e-filing via the GIARMC system

To All Repairers
Kindly note that with effect from 1st August 2019, all Own Damage and Windscreen for Motor Policies will be processed via the Merimen system. 
We seek your co-operation to submit claim to us via Merimen System.
Thank You.

Clarification on GIA’s Memo Email No. 53/2019 circulated on 26 Jun 2019
All ARCs: There is no need to complete the updated Userid Request Form with information of current users and return the form to Merimen/GIARMC or GIA Secretariat. Please use the updated form only when applying for NEW Userid(s). Thank you.

GIARMC ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming PDPA-related Changes on 2 July 2019
Dear GIARMC System Users,
In alignment with the PDPC’s advisory guidelines, the following changes will take effect on 2 July 2019:
a. Affected user groups are identified in bold below.
b. Insurers and ARCs- please refer to GIA’s Memo Email No. 53/2019 circulated on 26 Jun 2019 for more details.
  1. All ARCs and Law Firms will no longer need to provide scanned copies of identification cards when applying for a user id and is not required to log into GIARMC system with your identification number.
  1. All Users (Insurers, ARCs, Law Firms) will need to adhere to the minimum password guidelines set out. You will be prompted to change your password if existing password does not meet the guidelines upon first login on or after 2 July 2019.

GIARMC ANNOUNCEMENT: Enhancements to Accident Report
Dear GIARMC users,
From 19 Dec 2018, the question – ‘Number of vehicles involved in the accident’ under the ‘Other Information’ section has been reworded to ‘Number of vehicles (including own vehicle) involved in the accident’ for clarity. There is no change to the definition and you can continue to input the numbers as per current.
However, please note that this field is now a compulsory field. With this change, you will be able to input the ‘TP Vehicle Details’, regardless of the selection for the question ‘Was any other vehicle or property damaged?’.

GIARMC: Are you protected?
Protecting you and your customer’s personal information is your responsibility. Be proactive in safeguarding all information as you access GIARMC/ Merimen system,
  • Phishing
Never disclose or share your system login details to anyone, including your colleagues/ family/ friends or law enforcement officers
Never check the box that asks your computer to “remember your passwords” or use “auto complete” function of your browser. That defeats the security of passwords
  • Impersonation
Never leave logged-in system unattended, always log-off before leaving your workstation
  • Malware
Do not download or install any applications on your workstation unless they are from authentic sources
Beware of spam emails and do not open suspicious email attachments
Keep your workstations protected by installing and updated with the latest software and patches

GIARMC ANNOUCEMENT - Enhancements to Accident Report
Dear all ARC, 
The following changes on accident report will be effective from 4 May 2018, 
  1. Driver's mobile number is compulsory
  2. TP vehicle's passenger details (Name, Gender) is available as optional fields
Do contact your insurer if you have any issues with item 1.